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#9166 - 03/17/08 05:47 PM The Race Card
Bilalianman Offline

Senior Member

Registered: 03/25/03
Posts: 796
Loc: Washington DC
Suggestion: Victims of Racism should never use the term "Play the Race Card" in any conversation wherein they are discussing Racism/White Supremacy.

Reason: It is unjust and incorrect to mistreat people. To mistreat any person should not be fun. To mistreat any person is not a game. Use of those particular words while speaking about racism is to suggest a game is being played and, if that game is about Racism/White Supremacy that game MUST be logically become adverse to or maliciously against the Victim of Racism/Non-White person. Since many White Supremacists appear to find pleasure in practicing White Supremacy it could be accurate to say a White Supremacist "plays" a "Race Card". Even so, it is still not recommended for a non-white person to use this language since the language minimizes the serious nature of Racism. When confronted with such language from a racist-suspect, Victims of Racism should ask such questions necessary to put the conversation into a constructive mode and back on the salient issues of racism/white supremacy, such as:

Do you think the discussion of Racism important?
Do you enjoy playing cards?
Have you ever played a Race Card?
What is a Race Card?
Do you ever play games with Racism?
Have you ever seen a Race Card?
What does a race card look like?
Is the face on a Race Card White, Black, or both?
Who usually wins a Race Card game? The black person or the white person?
How would one tell who is the winner?
When is the discussion of Racism like a game?
We hurl the truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain, and see, falsehood perishes!


#9209 - 03/22/08 06:21 AM Re: The Race Card [Re: Bilalianman]
SynQ Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 03/20/08
Posts: 739
I agree with your suggestion. I have observed that Racist suspects usually use the words "race card", when referring to a non-white person that says they are being victimized by Racism / White Supremacy.

When the racist suspect uses these words, they attempt to make it seem as though the non-white person is using his or her skin color as an "excuse", for recieving somekind of "imaginary" or "fabricated" mistreatment. I suspect that many non-white people who experience mistreatment on the basis of skin color my second guess themselves instead of following the logic, for fear of thinking that they are using the "race card". It seems like it is related to the use of the words "reverse racism"

#9271 - 03/30/08 05:25 PM Re: The Race Card [Re: SynQ]
smallz Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 03/27/03
Posts: 488
Loc: California
I agree with the overall assesment that a non-white person should stay away from the ideology and Term "Race Card".

However in the past what I have done when confronted with the statement "your playing the race card" I simply asked: "Who is the dealer of these Race Cards I'm forced to play?" To get the conversation back on track to where it needs to go.

Excuse me, sometimes I think of counter-racist codifacation like rapping freestyle.

Whatever a Racist-Suspect says will give you "a way out" if your quick on your feet about following the logic connected to replacing white supremacy with justice.

Asking a question is the best way to create 'glitches' in the matrix.


Edited by smallz (03/30/08 05:28 PM)
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