Discontinue further communication with any person, white and/or non-white who??in spite of you attempting to explain counter-racist logic in a manner that will help that person become involved in constructively eliminating Racism??deliberately contiunes to assist in the promotion of injustice, falsehood, and incorrectness.

The White people who practice Racism/White Supremacy through their masterful use of deceit and in some cases, direct violence, convince non-white people to value the system of White Supremacy over a system of justice. This leaves the Victims of Racism (non-white people) at best, very reluctant to willingly speak and/or act in a way that helps to eliminate the system of White Supremacy and replace it with a system of justice, therefore if faced with the dilemna explained above, it is only correct that you continue to spend your energy and resources seeking those persons classified as white or non-white who are genuinely interested in replacing White Supremacy with justice through correct and constructive means
"One drop of truth can taint a sea full of lies."