Until more is known it is assumed Mr. Paddock was a person who suffered from a mental disorder stemming directly from his inability to a reconcile his place within a pervasive system of injustice. His primary victims were white people who were engaged in so-called "white culture". Why did Mr. Paddock target people who looked like himself? Why would we kill so many and then kill himself? Mr, Paddock was a self-proclaimed gambler. What was he seeking being immersed in compulsive and self destructive activities? Was death his ultimate gamble or just the tail end of his death spiral? The phrase, "a culture of death", used by the Pope seems to precisely describe the "lone wolf" mass killer phenomenon that so frequently. Could it be the impending loss of the benefits of racism is causing a scorched earth mentality in the mind of suspect racists? If a suspect racist decides he or she can no longer stand the arrival of justice for the victims of racism isn't a scorched earth practice to be expected? Can anyone be safe from a person who implements such a systematic practice of literally "dealing death"? Anyone who understands the system of racism white supremacy, what it is, and how it is practiced AND who actively repels the system - must, at some level understand the system might one day be overturned and a system of justice will replace that system of injustice. What happens in when the balance swings to the side of justice? Maximum Indiscriminate Racist Aggression Syndrome. All the victims of white supremacy and/or people who are not racists should make it known a climax of maximum terrorism is expected at the critical point where *most* people realize the balance of Power is shifting toward justice. Under these conditions, no public place should be deemed safe from the enraged racist *lone-wolf* or *wolf pack* who has decided, "If I can't take what I want anymore, and if I can't maintain my position of supremacy over these *other* peoples, then no one else will live!"
We hurl the truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain, and see, falsehood perishes!