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#15022 - 03/26/16 10:33 PM Election 2016!
Bilalianman Offline

Senior Member

Registered: 03/25/03
Posts: 796
Loc: Washington DC
TIME Flies! It seems like the 2008 Election was just a few days ago and already Election 2016 has been up and down on a roller-coaster ride of historic proportions. Many people are saying they've never seen anything like it... which may be true for the individual saying that, but, it doesn't mean the incidents haven't happened before.

My observation is; racist man and woman are going back to an earlier form of racist aggression. The language that is being used now, seems to be language which was abandoned by an earlier white supremacists. Some appear to be marching to the old drum beat; that is to say, call them Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Behave as if they are indeed human persons, but, as soon as they turn their heads and aren't paying attention, treat them just like what we think they are... Niggers.

The language has become more blunt, more direct. The Code says when the words run out, the racists will default to direct violence. If this is indeed racist regression to earlier more aggressive language characterized by more direct verbal combat, this may also be a precursor to more acts of direct violence against non-white people. Not withstanding the recent alleged killings of non-white males by persons calling themselves "Police Officers", the general social climate does appear to give greater license for suspect racists to strike, beat, hit, or otherwise mistreat non-white people.

What do you think? Has something changed? Is the system of White Supremacy reacting to some dynamic that has changed on the non-white side of the chessboard? Or, is it pure coincidence that certain political figures have arisen in the election cycle who appeal to a more (lets say) primitive practice of racism? What should non-white people do in response?
We hurl the truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain, and see, falsehood perishes!


#15025 - 03/20/17 07:27 PM Re: Election 2016! [Re: Bilalianman]
Edward Williams Offline

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Registered: 03/27/03
Posts: 697
Loc: Right here...
Yo John, I think your board is broken.
What is the reason YOU were born into a SYSTEM of INJUSTICE if not to produce a SYSTEM of JUSTICE?

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