What is "the Donald" in terms of the agenda of racist man and racist woman? How would you characterize such a person? I'm told Donald Trump is a business man. What kind of business is he devoted to? Why is it many self proclaimed racists appear to have an affinity for Mr. Trump. What is the potential for success for this candidate? Can we say Mr. Trump is the natural successor to follow the so-called "first black" president? With all the hatred and vitriol expressed against President Obama, is Donald Trump the answer the desires of those who never liked the idea of a black president and who would fight to keep Power in the hands of Old White Men? These are interesting questions I have and to some extent I have answered these questions. I would say, Donald Trump is a high level racist suspect. His language is raw and reminds me of racism in the part of the world 40 years ago. Mr. Trump IS the answer to the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. Many racist suspects were stunned to see a black person as president, and many of those people began immediately to respond in almost "knee jerk" fashion to each and every move President Obama made to do his job. I'm thinking of the pledge to make him a one term president, and the "you lie" comment during the state of the Union speech, and the monkey pictures, and so on, and so on ad infinitum. So much evidence of mistreat on the basis of color. What kind of business is he devoted to? Within the system of White Supremacy, the White Supremacists are royalty and they are the gods of their religion called White Supremacy. It seems Mr. Trump has made his path to success in the system of W.S. and he believes himself to be the necessary antidote to the flood of Non-White People who are poised to overrun the White Power Dynamic.
We hurl the truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain, and see, falsehood perishes!