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#14970 - 09/14/10 07:30 AM Re: Koran Burning [Re: Black_Mergatroid]
Bilalianman Offline

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The Book -
If Truth is that which "IS", then logically, Falsehood is that which "IS NOT". The Quran and Bible are books which have the same source, and as a matter of fact, to the degree any book perfectly advances human excellence promoting peace, justice, and correctness that book IS for all intents and purposes, the same as the Quran.

When we say the words "universe", we are saying "one book". All verses that reflect the "will" of the All Power are part of that book, in the same way that all verses that deflect the "will" of the All Power are not. As a matter of logic, that part which is harmony with the "will" cannot be destroyed or maimed or otherwise harmed and cannot die. This is the concept behind correct religion. In my own determined system of logic, I have accepted this concept as truth (which is belief), and since someone or Power told me this concept, and I have chosen to believe what I was told, I have faith.

Those who lie as a matter of habit, cannot be in harmony with the All Power. Since they embrace that which IS NOT, they cannot be expected to have "belief" or have "faith" in the All Power - the sum total and origin of all that "IS".

How does this work practically speaking?

Mistreatment of people is based on incorrect belief or incorrect faith - that is incorrect religion. One may believe in a lie, one may also have faith in a lie, whereas the sum total of ones faith and belief as expressed in his thought, speech and action, IS ones "religion". Incorrect religion is based upon falsehood. Racism is such a religion. This religion says color is the presiding factor in making decisions about how to treat people on this earth - and for certain, the quality of treatment of people is what either improves people or destroys them. Racism is an incorrect religion and cannnot be supported in reality and cannot have a constructive result. Why? Simply put, because it is empty and unreal, it has no place in reality therefore it cannot have productive yield.

To the contrary, correct Religion - often called Islam, or Christianity, or Buddhism, or Americanism, or Africanism, is sustained by thought, speech, and action which is based upon the ultimate reality. The perfected human creature is the best expression of the ultimate reality. The cycle of life and death as expressed in the Book is attempting to bring the mind and heart of the human creature back into Harmony with the All Power from which he comes. Once this creature, the humane being, comes back into Harmony with his origin, his creator, his worship becomes perfected and the result it constantly improving treatment of human beings and with world of humans in general. This is the entire POINT of Religion. Many confuse the concept of religion and deny religion when the concept of Religion is dual as I have explained. Correct Religion is never dualistic it is ONE, and has ONE Book, and has ONE Verse. That verse in practice (correct thought, speech and action = WORSHIP) is called Islam, Christian, Judaism, American, African, Chinese, Korean, etc... and if what you call yourself doesn't cause the best treatment for human beings and you ARE a human being... why in the hell would you want to be called that name?
We hurl the truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain, and see, falsehood perishes!


#14971 - 09/14/10 10:55 AM Re: Koran Burning [Re: Corsican]
Kemetisnme Offline
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Corsican, I can see your on your job. Allow me to be on mine. To all the nonwhite people. Corsican is a suspected racist/white supremacist. You should always suspect that he's practicing racism/white supremacy. How did I do Corsican? I would hate for any nonwhite people to read some of your posts and become flummoxed.
"Everybody's got a plan until they get hit."
Joe Lewis

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