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Keiser Report ? Markets! Finance! Scandal! - 014
Keiser Report

Foreign Investors want to walk away from US Bonds for same reasons American home owners want to walk away from their mortgages ? THERE IS NO HIDING THE FACT THAT the contracts / investments are SUBSTANTIALLY WORTHLESS.

If a growing number of American borrowers are free of paying mortgages because lenders can?t evidence their right to collect the debt - why would China and Russia continue to invest in the Bonds that represent them?

Foreign Investors and American borrowers have the same beef with the banking, financial and mortgage establishments; the fraudulent activity in the financial industry created a ?cloud on title? separating borrower from investor by eviscerating any form of a ?chain of title?.

This ?smokescreen? or ?cloud on title? is conveniently obscuring the real value of troubled assets and the large amount of red ink on the balance sheets of these insolvent financial institutions. Fortunately for astute homeowners, this fraudulent business model is the ticket to raise the issue of an overall lack standing on the part of what LivingLies has accurately described as ?pretender lenders?. Ironically, the underlying issue being raised by borrowers in many foreclosure cases is simple ? Where?s The Beef?

As above so below

The reckless policies illustrated by the cheap fabrication of money by the worlds Economic Leader - The Federal Reserve Bank - is being mirrored in the foreclosure/housing market by pretender lenders fabricating ?chain of title? ? ?out of thin air? - to represent real money - thereby impugning the integrity of County Recorders, State & Federal Courts and the entire legal system.

Ultimately all forms of ?money? ? whether it?s a Federal Reserve note or Trustee?s Deed upon Sale - must be based upon something REAL.

Profit motive created pressure that fueled an abandonment of ethics by real estate appraisers and the Wall Street Rating agencies. That pressure came from the high velocity of cheap money provided by Greenspan and Bernanke 0% interest rates that blew up a housing bubble that burst. And as it stands as a result of those policies, there is no chance for Americans to fulfill mortgage obligations without the ability to find a job.

The 5-Point Economic Destruction Technique

(1) This is the result of over-valued mortgage contracts empowered by a 0% interest rate Federal Reserve;

(2) Implicitly guaranteed by GSE?s (Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie and MERS)

(3) Peddled to borrowers and investors through a web of speculative housing, real estate appraisers, Mortgage servicers, Mortgage Brokers, and the Main Street Commercial Banks working in collusive silence with Wall Street Investment Banks and Rating Agencies who collectively sold toxic assets to foreign investors under the guise of Triple A-rated ?Sovereign Debt?;

(4) Yet took out Credit Default Swap insurance against them;

(5) All at the same time.

Now, the same U.S. Government, who (a) interfered with the housing market in the first place has (b) bailed out the same Banks who (c) knowingly and willfully financed and duped foreign investors into buying ?Triple A-Rated? mortgage securities backed up by ?stated incomes? that were (d) implicitly guaranteed by out-of-control Government Sponsored Enterprises.

This has been loose-loose for the Borrower and Investor and Win-Win for the Banks and governments who supported & rewarded these criminal economic policies.

Formal slavery never ended - it just renegotiated its contract into the form of debt-slavery to take in everyone.

The question is ? what are borrowers and investors going to do about it?


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Gold was converted to money it all changed
Money then became empowerment for Europeans -NAS