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#14041 - 11/26/09 09:37 PM Labor Provider Check
Black_Mergatroid Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 02/13/09
Posts: 327
Loc: Savannah
Labor Provider Check:


Maintain continuous contact with the people that provide you with labor whether they are called a manager, a supervisor or any other titles. Ask questions relevant to your employment. Ask them how you are doing. Ask them how to improve your employment status. Ask them how productive you are and how to produce more. Ask them what their expectations are from you. Ask them about your attendance and punctuality.

Form a relationship with your labor providers by asking them questions about themselves. Ask them about their job and its tasks. Ask them personal questions and tell them something personal when they tell you something personal about themselves.

This is easy to do. All it takes is just to ask a simple question then at another time asking another and then repeating this then you and your employer will become accustomed to you doing this. It is as simple as asking the labor provider first, ?Is everything alright??

I suggest that you ask the labor provider these types of questions:

How difficult is your job?
What is about your job you like/dislike?
How did you get your job?
What was it like when you did what I am doing know?
Is there anything I can do to make your job better?
How can I help you with your?

All of those questions are centered on the labor provider?s life and not your own. Most people like talking about themselves and want someone to listen to them. Listening to someone that has power/impact over you is a good thing it can give you insight to that person?s mind. Remember you want to start to dialogue with your labor provider as much you want to in the future on a continuous basis.

Maybe you might become friends with your employer or maybe you may learn that you employer is a dangerous person or that you really hate this person the main goal is to use communication and contact to continue employment.

This also applies to co-workers.
This concept/practice also applies to Non-Whites,Whites and Racist/White Supremacist.


Doing this might save your job. It is much harder to terminate someone you know personally. And yes, the more contact you have with someone even if they are a racist suspect the more they will see you as person and not just a number or name on a list or roster. The more personally they see you the more they will treat you like a person. The more impersonally they see you the more they will not treat you like a person and they higher the probability of a termination.

Another reason this is constructive is that you can learn about your employment status so you can plan your future in the area of labor. You can learn if you need to seek more employment. You can learn if you can gain more training on the job. You can learn if you will have a job next week or next month. You can gain the advantage rather than be surprised by a sudden lay-off or termination. Knowledge is power especially on the job. This knowledge may be as easy as asking a simple question and going from their so that you know most of what they know.

Sometimes a termination will be evaded because the labor provider can create an exception for you because they know you or they know about problems. And they can intervene on you behalf in other words they can help you when you need help the most and save you.

I have had write ups torn up before my eyes many times because of how a related to my labor provider. Literally a final write was torn up before my eyes while I sweated bullets certain that I would be terminated but I was save because I maintain contact with my labor providers. And in most of these cases it was a racist suspect that made the exception for me.

Edited by Black_Mergatroid (11/26/09 09:49 PM)
Replace Racism/White Supremacy With Justice.

#14042 - 11/26/09 09:48 PM Re: Labor Provider Check [Re: Black_Mergatroid]
Black_Mergatroid Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 02/13/09
Posts: 327
Loc: Savannah
I have noticed that most people are so intimidated by supervisor and managers than to just communicate with them in private. Its puzzling to me. Non-whites especially show intimidation when it comes down to talking to a manager or supervisor about their job particularly when the that manager or supervisor is a Caucasian. When its so simple to just tell them you want to talk to them of course my job is like modern day slavery. I think its modeled from Auschwitz or some other Nazi ran Labor Camp.

By the time they do the non-white person is too emotional to communicate constructively and that can lead to termination rather than progress or constructive results.

Edited by Black_Mergatroid (11/26/09 09:54 PM)
Replace Racism/White Supremacy With Justice.

#14044 - 11/26/09 11:24 PM Re: Labor Provider Check [Re: Black_Mergatroid]
Corsican Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 06/22/09
Posts: 747
When its so simple to just tell them you want to talk to them of course my job is like modern day slavery. I think its modeled from Auschwitz or some other Nazi ran Labor Camp.

I won't mind too much if you don't answer this, but what job do you do?

#14046 - 11/30/09 02:49 AM Re: Labor Provider Check [Re: Corsican]
Josh Offline

Doctoral Member

Registered: 06/03/03
Posts: 2746
Loc: closer
Thanks for the suggestion Black Mergatroid.

Here is an additional suggestion from the Mr. Williams at counter-racism.com regarding writing a COMPENSATION and PRODUCTION plan.

The reason I suggest this plan is because your "manager, supervisor..." is a SUPERIOR partner in the plan.

Therefore, when its time for "performance evaluations", as long as you've completed the plan, your superior ADVISOR must either:

A. Give you the promotion because you performed the production and compensation plan to exact specifications.

B. Deny you the promotion and solidify their racist suspect status by agreeing that although you followed their SUPERIOR advice, you still will NOT recieve the promotion.


Write a Compensation Plan and Production Plan and get your manager to agree with its contents.

A Production Plan is a plan drawn up by the employee of a company that outlines the employee's progression in the company for a year. This plan includes all of the training, certifications, additional duties (see Roles and Responsibilities), etc., necessary to obtain the goal of the plan. This plan is also to compensate the employee for being in a SYSTEM of white supremacy (racism) so do not leave out whatever is necessary for this compensation.

A Compensation Plan is a plan drawn up to get the employee back on course when the employee has fallen short of the Production Plan. This plan helps to prevent the employee from being fired by working as a contingency plan for the Production Plan. If the employee does not, for whatever reason, complete a task outlined in the Production Plan, the Compensation Plan will aid in allowing for additional time, an adjustment in resources, and/or the production of task of equal value to be performed by the employee to compensate for the Production Plans unattainable goals.

Both plans should be agreed to by the employee and their manager at the beginning of each calendar year and/or fiscal year. Both plans should be reviewed monthly and/or quarterly by both the employee and their manager to confirm adherence to plans.

Examples of both plans can be seen in the Counter-Racism Collaboration Area under Counter-Racism Projects. Anyone requesting access to this area please respond to this post stating your request.

Edited by Josh (11/30/09 02:51 AM)
"niggers wanna change everything but themselves.

My suggestion?

Try not to be one by changing YOUR behavior"

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