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From: Josh
Date: 07 Apr 2001
Time: 14:41:33
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Has anyone noticed how more and more White people are claiming "native american" or "Indian ancestry"?

Most of them are using the term "Native American."; it sounds less non white. This is a good example of the refinement of White supremacy. The term "Brazillianization" has been coined by some to describe this aspect of the refinement proccess.

In Brazil you have White people who openly acknowledge their African ancestry and at the same time fuction as White in all areas of people activity. It is a situation that creates confusion in the victims.

The key point about White people who claim to be Indian is that these same White people do not claim to be part Chinese, or part Latino, which is who "native Americans" look like.

This is why it is important for the victims of racism to focus on the behavior of White people and not just their lack of color because its going to get trickier in the future.

You might have people with blonde hair and blue eyes running around saying they are part "African American" and at the same time functioning as White in all areas of people activity.

If White people have to do things like this to maintain White Supremacy, you better believe they will do it.

Its all done with words. White people create terms that support the system of White Supremacy. "rain forest" is another term they came up with to replace the word "jungle."

The word "jungle" causes you to think about non white people living there, "forest" is a word that describes the familier vegetation of places white people are from.

I think the key to this whole phenomenon is that when you are no longer a threat to White people, then White people will begin to identify with you.

Maybe 200 years from now when all the Black people are "gone" White people wil say:

" Im Scotch Irish, German, French, Dutch and 1/8th African American twice removed on my step fathers grandmothers side"

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